Other Coverage Options


Vision care is also provided to eligible plan participants. Your vision benefits are provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP).

Vision Service Plan
Network You may visit any provider. However, your benefits are greater when you visit a provider who is contracted with Vision Service Plan.
Deductible Exam – $5
Lenses or Frames – combined with exam
Benefits – In Network
Exam every 12 months
Lenses every 12 months
Frames every 24 months

There is a $150 allowance toward frames.  Contact lenses, in lieu of glasses, also have a $150 allowance.

A second pair of glasses is available every 12 months for a $20 co-pay.

Benefits – Out of Network Please refer to your Evidence of Coverage provided by Vision Service Plan

Vision benefits are not available to retirees.



The Trust provides Hearing Aid Benefits on a self-funded basis for all participants and their eligible spouses or registered domestic partners.

United Health Care (Senior Supplement) – no charge up to Medicare limit.

United Health Care (Medicare Advantage) – no charge for exam.  $500 allowance for hearing aid every three years.

Kaiser (Senior Advantage) – Exam $15 co-pay