Benefit Highlights

Working in the plastering industry, you have the opportunity to become eligible for valuable benefits through the Northern California Plasterers Trust Funds. The Trusts offer benefit programs that build on a solid foundation for you and your family.

Just as a foundation serves as the base for the structure that follows, your benefits will continue as building blocks as you travel the road toward retirement.
The Northern California Plasterers Trust Funds are your partner in assuring a secure tomorrow for you and your family.

Northern California Plasterers Health & Welfare benefits are designed to provide members and their families with quality medical, dental and vision plans. You also have a choice of plans; you and your family can choose the kind of coverage that best fit your needs.

As a participant in the Northern California Plasterers Trust Funds, you can look down the road to retirement with peace of mind. Your Northern California Plasterers Pension benefits afford you and your family the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are doing something about your future — you are planning for it through your Pension Plans.

Health Benefits

Just like choosing the right tools for a job, you have important choices to make about your health and health care. With Northern California Plasterers health benefits, you have a choice of medical plans so that you can select the one that’s right for you and your family.

Pension Benefits

As a participant in Northern California Plasterers, you can participate in two pension plans:  the Northern California Plastering Industry Pension Plan, which is a defined benefit pension plan, and the Plasterers Local 66 Supplemental Pension Trust, a defined contribution pension plan.